Zümra's New Adventure

CrossFit is pretty amazing isn't it?  It's addicting.  Either you hate it one day or you love it and you end up coming day after day either way.  I believe it's not only because of the WODs or the PR's we acquire, but it's the other athletes that push us, encourage us, and die (LOL!) with us after a brutal WOD.  Coming into the box and seeing familiar faces, chatting about how you may not get through the WOD because it looks awful, but then you look at each other and say "We got this!"

Zümra Okar, one of our amazing athletes is one of those familiar faces.  I'm sad to announce that she is has left us to go on a new ADVENTURE in California!  She came to us before the box was open and has been committed to CrossFit Striking and CrossFit ever since.  I'm sure you all have seen the leader board and have noticed Zumra's name on top for a 300# DL and 190# BS, yeah this chic is STRONG!!  She is going to amaze another CrossFit Box with her mad skills!

We will miss her so much at SkipJack CrossFit, but we are excited for her new life and new adventure in San Francisco, CA!  However, this isn't really good bye.  I'm sure we will see her again at the box or maybe if you are headed to San Fran, look her up!