Fiesta Follow-Up

Fellow SkipJackers,

Our first member's meeting and Cinco de Mayo celebration (complete with savory Chipotle feast!) was a huge success!!  Thank you to everyone who was able to come out and fiesta with us. For those of you unable to attend, we put out the following important new information:

1) OPEN GYM - We are going to experiment with having open gym times. Open gym means there is no scheduled WOD and you are free to workout however you'd like. We only ask that you be smart and safe. To start, this option will be available concurrently and on a not-to-interfere basis with the M, W, F morning Striking Classes from 09:30-10:45. A coach (typically John) will be available to assist OPEN GYM athletes as required.

2) CrossFit KIDS - We are eager to begin kids classes, especially with summer almost upon us. Class will only be once a week so we are trying to determine what's the best time for the majority of parents. Please see the Poll on our Facebook page to vote for your preference.

3) REFER-A-MEMBER - We are very proud to say that we have a 100% retention rate thus far, as every single athlete who's joined is still with us! Word of mouth is where we are getting our new members and we'd like to start showing how much we truly appreciate you. If you refer a new athlete who commits to a 6 month membership, you will receive a $25 credit towards merchandise (shirts, Fitaid, bars, etc.) and if you refer a new member who joins for a year, you will receive a free month of membership!

4) PROGRAMMING - Coach John explained the "method behind his madness", finally ending the mystery of why we do so many box jumps and burpees, haha!! Not enough room to write his full explanation here, but in a nutshell those movements are fundamental to building both explosive power and endurance. John further explained that he programs so that even if you only come in on say Tuesdays only, that you should still get a balanced mix of all programming over a period of weeks.

5) SAFETY - Please strive to keep your work-out area clear of any extra equipment unless a coach has specifically recommended it. This is especially important when performing barbell work. Be sure the area around you is clear of extra plates, box jumps, wall balls, etc...being careless about this is an easy way to get yourself hurt, badly. To help deconflict WOD’ing athletes with kids wanting to play, we have created a path of sorts along the front doors so kids can manuever from the "sitting area" to the turf area without needing to go onto the matted area.

6) RESERVING - Please get into RhinoFit and Reserve your spot for all classes and please try to do this no later than 1-hour prior to class. This serves several purposes. First, it lets the coach know how many athletes (if any) are coming. Beginning in June, if 1-hour prior to a class there are no reservations, it is likely that the coach will cancel the class. Second, as we continue to grow and class sizes get bigger, it will become critical to Reserve your spot to ensure you get a space in your desired class before it fills up or give us time to potentially add another coach to accommodate the large group.

7) SIGN-IN - Please attempt to sign-in before every class. This is NOT the same thing as reserving. Only signing-in proves that you actually attended the class. This is important for all members and critical if you are on any of our punchcard style memberships.

8) TRACK YOUR WOD - You work hard! This is one of the best ways to record your progress.  Use this function and/or the benchmarks to record your 8-6-4 or any other PRs.

9) LIMBO - Whilst celebrating Cinco de Mayo, we learned that while Mai is pretty limber, Coach Jason is the undisputed King of the Limbo! Ha ha!!

Hope to see you all at the ribbon-cutting ceremony on Tuesday, 16 May @ 3pm and again on Saturday, 20 May between 9 am and 3pm for the Grand Opening!  Please tell/bring your friends…and register/donate at the following Eventbrite site and don't forget to bring $$ for some sweet raffles.

SKIP work...get JACKed!!!

Mai, Dave, John & Grace

Zümra's New Adventure

CrossFit is pretty amazing isn't it?  It's addicting.  Either you hate it one day or you love it and you end up coming day after day either way.  I believe it's not only because of the WODs or the PR's we acquire, but it's the other athletes that push us, encourage us, and die (LOL!) with us after a brutal WOD.  Coming into the box and seeing familiar faces, chatting about how you may not get through the WOD because it looks awful, but then you look at each other and say "We got this!"

Zümra Okar, one of our amazing athletes is one of those familiar faces.  I'm sad to announce that she is has left us to go on a new ADVENTURE in California!  She came to us before the box was open and has been committed to CrossFit Striking and CrossFit ever since.  I'm sure you all have seen the leader board and have noticed Zumra's name on top for a 300# DL and 190# BS, yeah this chic is STRONG!!  She is going to amaze another CrossFit Box with her mad skills!

We will miss her so much at SkipJack CrossFit, but we are excited for her new life and new adventure in San Francisco, CA!  However, this isn't really good bye.  I'm sure we will see her again at the box or maybe if you are headed to San Fran, look her up!



Coming to you from Africa!

Skipjack Athletes,

Hi.  This is Coach John writing from Central Africa.  I am looking forward to meeting all of you when I get back in April.

Since I have been developing the WOD programing from over here, I thought I’d send you some notes on where it is coming from and where it is going.  It may seem random, but there is some logic behind it and I will try to convey some of this logic through a series of emails over the next few days/weeks.

First, and obviously, you will have noted the general daily flow: stretch and warmup on your own, group warmup, a skill review or a strength movement, a WOD, and then individual cooldown.  This will remain generally consistent with a few additions and variations.

Second, I want to point out how we alternate skills and strength days.  I program what I call ‘A’ (skill) and ‘B’ (barbell or strength) days in alternating fashion.  The ‘A’ day will feature a short session on some skill (pull-up, slam ball, wall-walk, etc…) and you will likely see that skill in the WOD.  The ‘B’ day will entail a dedicated strength session (back squats, shoulder press, etc…).  ‘A’ and ‘B’ days alternate and change from one week to the next.  For example, week1 will have ‘A’ days on Monday, Wednesday and Friday and ‘B’ days on Tuesday and Thursday and then this will flip on week 2 with ‘A’ days on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, etc…  This ensures that all athletes will be exposed to both skills and strength no matter which days they may consistently attend.

Next, there are a couple of important strength movements that are critical to the development of everything else with the barbell and you will see these quite regularly; deadlifts, squats and shoulder presses.  Getting these moves down well and developing the basic strength necessary that these provide will greatly assist with your future development of the more complex cleans and snatches (which we will be getting to in a few weeks).  So, you will see deadlifts, squats and overhead pressing variations at a minimum of once per week, sometimes in the strength session of a ‘B’ day or maybe in the WOD on an ‘A’ day.  And these will also move to different days each week to ensure everyone receives consistent exposure.

Finally, next week we will introduce a new component to the daily session; the ‘Skill-of-the-Week’ (SOTW).  This will entail a week-long focus on a specific skill(s) to ensure everybody receives instruction and repeated exposure over the week.  This will address some of the more complex skills like pull-ups, double-unders, etc… and, yes, they will feature in the WODs during or at the end of the week.  NOTE:  In a couple of weeks, the SOTW will be double-unders, so if you have not yet purchased your own rope, you may want to talk to your coach for some suggestions.  Using the same rope that is sized appropriately for you can significantly aid your double-under development.

That’s enough for today.  Next time I’ll write more about the specific programming for strength development and how you can expect it to evolve over the next several months.

Enjoy Open 17.3. 

Coach John 


Hello athletes! Although yesterday was a holiday, we decided to take the opportunity to do some hard labor at the box. The SkipJack team and some awesome athletes (who came immediately on short notice) laid 100 very, VERY heavy mats down on 3/4 of the 4500 sq ft space. However, there is more work to be done in the next week! Sh*@ just got REAL!!!

We are shooting for a Feb 1st opening. However, this largely depends on how much we get done and how much muscle we can recruit in the next few weeks. We should know better this week and next week if we can confidently say February 1st is the OPENING date.

If you guys want to help out, (we would humbly appreciate it) please contact us! It would be a great chance to meet you all and to start building our community!

View from back of box. Large bay doors will be great for hot days and BBQ's!

View from back of box. Large bay doors will be great for hot days and BBQ's!

Our finger tips were raw from gripping, pulling, and carrying these HEAVY mats! It was a labor of love though!

SkipJack CrossFit Dec recap

HAPPY NEW YEAR Athletes! We have been getting a lot of emails and inquiries about our opening, and we are so thankful for all of it. As of right now, the box is almost finished! The bathrooms are almost done. They are finishing up a few things then the final inspection is all we need. We are sitting on pins and needles waiting for the call that it's done and we can start setting up....ANY DAY NOW!

The SkipJack team is ready to go! We are ready to meet some amazing people who want to be a part of a fun-loving, supportive community that is going to help you reach your fitness/health goals for 2017.

We look forward to seeing all of you in a couple of weeks!


What we're up to.

Hey there Athletes! I know it's been a while since we have blogged, but we have been busy! Despite not being open yet, we are doing other things to get the opening date pushed forward. We've had some bumps in the road but are continuing to work with the county to get opened!

Meanwhile....our toys, oops I mean equipment have been delivered, we have designed our shirts, and have put together our awesome team of coaches that are eager to start coaching all of you!  Also, the SkipJack team got together last Saturday for about 5 hours to get certified in CPR Adult/Child/Infant, First Aide, and AED because Safety of all our athletes is a priority! Last month we supported Merit CrossFit by participating in the "Lift up Autism" event held at their facility in Prince Frederick. It was a great event at a great box and we are looking forward to doing more events with them in the future!

We appreciate everyone's support and ask for your patience. WE. WILL. OPEN. SOON!! We promise that SkipJack CrossFit is worth the wait!